November 2, 2022

November 2022 Collaborative-Wide Meeting

HMS held its November Collaborative Wide Meeting on November 2, 2022, at Eagle Eye Golf and Conference Center in Bath, Michigan. Our Program Manager, Elizabeth McLaughlin, MS, RN, kicked off the meeting by reviewing the new 2023 performance index measures while highlighting our new stratified PICC quality improvement strategy for legacy hospitals (prior to 2020). These PICC measures will focus on reducing triple lumens and short-term use, along with determining appropriate vascular access device use in the oncology and critical care populations.  Elizabeth also introduced the new 2024 value-based reimbursement measure. 

Dr. Stephanie Burdick, Medical Director of Clinical Pathways at Corewell Health, gave an antimicrobial hospital partner presentation focusing on growing a culture of stewardship. Dr. Burdick described how her team was able to improve the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in their patients by leveraging clinical standardization. Our expert guest, Dr. Arjun, Srinivasan (CAPT, USPHS), Associate Director for healthcare-associated infection prevention programs in the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided updates from the CDC regarding antibiotic stewardship and sepsis. Dr. Srinivasan reviewed the core elements of antibiotic stewardship programs and discussed why taking a similar approach to sepsis management is key. He addressed new questions on sepsis practices and infrastructure that were added and will be released in the January 2023 National Healthcare Safety Network annual hospital survey. Dr. Srinivasan reviewed how assessing the current landscape will provide useful input in guiding the development of sepsis core elements. Lastly, Dr. Namita Jayaprakash, Associate Medical Director and quality, emergency medicine, and physician lead for the Henry Ford Health Sepsis Program, gave a sepsis hospital partner presentation focusing on clinical quality for sepsis programs. Dr. Jayaprakash introduced the Henry Ford Health Sepsis Program, described key building blocks for building a sepsis program, and illustrated the relationship of CQIs with their sepsis program.