March 8, 2019

HMS March 2019 Collaborative Wide Meeting

HMS held its March Collaborative Wide meeting on March 8, 2019. We introduced a new meeting structure covering a full day, allowing us to dedicate time blocks to each of our initiatives. We reviewed data and next steps related to our current HMS initiatives (VTE-retired, PICC/Midline, Antimicrobial), focusing on our performance metrics. HMS was very fortunate to have Dmitriy Martirsov, PharmD, from Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn give a presentation entitled, "Curtailing Diagnosis and Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria (ASB)". Dmitriy focused on targeted interventions to help reduce the diagnosis and treatment of ASB. We held our interactive session related to the appropriateness of fluoroquinolone use.  This session provided us the opportunity to engage in effective discussions by focusing on individual hospitals' challenges and successes that they are experiencing. We ended the meeting by breaking into PICC Tier 2 focus groups to review the PICC Tier 2 toolkit that assists with quality improvement related to the following complications: CLABSI, DVT, and Catheter Occlusion. In this session, our new Learning Management System (LMS) was demonstrated, LMS provides a unique way to "teach" the steps needed to improve PICC safety and reduce complications. Within the focus groups, individual sites presented and shared how they are successfully managing that specific complication.